The Field Studies Council is an environmental education charity committed to helping people understand, and be inspired, by the natural world.

It has a network of 17 education centres in the UK, providing fieldwork experience and practical courses for thousands of students every year. It also produces a range of publications, including pictorial field guides for species identification.

Field Studies Council

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Learning resources

  • FSC Beginners Guide to Terrestrial Invertebrates

    This free course aims to introduce learners to the terrestrial insect orders found in the UK and the morphological features used to differentiate them.

  • Garden Beetles miniguide

    Here are some beetles you may find in your garden…

  • Garden Pollinators miniguide

    Here are some pollinating insects you may find in your garden…

  • Insect morphology infographics

    The BioLinks team at the Field Studies Council has created some informative and accessible infographics highlighting different insect group’s key features. Find all the infographics on the ‘Bee, beetle, or bug? An introduction to insect morphology‘ blogpost on the Field Studies Council website. This project was supported National…

  • Pollinators with the three mosquiteers

    The mosquiteers learn about the fantastic pollinators of Europe…

  • Three Mosquiteers leaflet

    Introduces the ecology of mosquitoes with a focus on invasive alien mosquitoes.