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FSC run regular invertebrate courses throughout the year delivered online and UK-wide by expert tutors and follow a framework to progress your learning at a level to suit you.

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The aim of AIDGAP series is to produce accessible keys suitable for non-specialists from sixth-form age upwards. All FSC’s AIDGAP guides are initially produced as test versions, which are circulated widely to students, teaching staff and environmental professionals, with the feedback incorporated into the final published versions. In many cases the AIDGAP volume is the only non-technical work covering the taxa in question.

The guides:
AIDGAP Terrestrial Invertebrates
AIDGAP Key to the Earthworms of Britain and Ireland
AIDGAP Key to the Woodlice of Britain and Ireland
AIDGAP Key to the Collembola (Springtails) of Britain and Irela

Grasshoppers guide features 50 species of grasshoppers, crickets, bush crickets, ground hoppers, cockroaches, earwigs and stick insects.

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