A celebration of all things insect

Organised by the Royal Entomological Society, and supported by partner organisations throughout the UK and Europe, Insect Week is a celebration of all things insect.

Wherever you live, it’s an opportunity to take part in insect science, get to know insects, learn from experts, and have fun.

Insect Week 2025 will take place on 23-29 June. 

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INSTAR – Magazine for Young Entomologists

A digital magazine for young entomologists. Find out more about insects and those people who study them.


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Did you know?


Dragonfly compound eyes are made of up to 30,000 separate facets or ‘ommatidia’.

Most undervalued insect in the UK

Dung beetles and dung flies, without them we’d be up to our necks in you know what in next to no time.

Multitudinous moths

Many more moth than butterfly species are known, only 10% of the group are actually butterflies.


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