Image of a glow worm
Glow worm – Lampyris noctiluca

“Things to see before you die” lists are as popular as ever and on many of them there will be a wildlife-experience. Perhaps an African safari, the Great Barrier Reef, swimming with whale sharks, you know the sort of thing.

There’s no doubt that the world has some stunning sights and experiences to offer, and I’m the last one to put anyone off seeing the world, but to the usual glamorous line up I’d like to add in my own bucket-list experience that you can have right here in the UK.

One of the most fantastic, warm-feeling-inducing and intimate wildlife experiences that you can have is with Lampyris noctiluca, better known as the glow worm. Actually a beetle, though not looking much like one, it is the wingless female that emits an intense greenish light and right now, during June and July, is the best time to see them.

Get yourself to, find out more, and get out glow-hunting. I promise you that finding one of these glowing marvels late at night and holding it in your hand while it glows is as magical as any African safari…

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