Our collection of educational resources relating to insects and entomology from the Royal Entomological Society, Insect Week partners and other sources.

Have you created a fantastic insect-related learning resource that we can include here?  Contact Fran Sconce Senior Outreach & Learning Officer.

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  • #wasplove game

    Build a wasp nest, grow your colony and see if you make it through the year.

  • 3 Minute Bioblitz with The Bug Farm

    What insects can Sarah find in 3 minutes?…

  • air bee n’ bee – solitary bee resources

    focussing on the plight of solitary bees in the UK…

  • Association of Animal Behaviour learning resources

    Free resources about animal behaviour…

  • BAS Spider Factsheets

    Information about some of Britain's commonest spiders…

  • Beetle gallery

    Explore the ‘Planet of the Beetles’, which have lived on Earth since long before the age of the dinosaur. Over 370,000 known species in total, see some of the most well known.

  • Bioblitz Toolkit 2023 – Pollinator Week

    The NAPPC Pollinator Communications Task Force has created a new toolkit to help you participate and record observations during a Bioblitz on iNaturalist. Join the project Download the toolkit at: Bioblitz Toolkit 2023…

  • British Butterflies Colouring Sheet

    Colour in the Peacock and the Red Admiral butterflies with the Royal Entomological Society.

  • British Dragonfly Society

    Activities, posters, creative ideas and identification guides for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 about dragonflies & damselflies. Find the resources on the British Dragonfly Society website.

  • British Moths Colouring Sheet

    Colour in the Eyed Hawk-moth and the Garden Tiger Moth with the Royal Entomological Society.