Harlequin ladybirds are a highly successful invasive species whose numbers have rocketed over the past few years. The concern about the Harlequin’s success is that they can outcompete native species such as the 2-spot ladybird for their aphid prey, and that the Harlequin larvae may eat smaller native larvae.

For more information on the Harlequin ladybird, to record sightings, and for pictures of their many colour forms, see the excellent Harlequin Survey website.

As part of the OPAL Bugs Count Survey, we’re asking people to send in photographs of any 2-spot ladybirds they see. This will help to show whether 2 spot numbers are declining as the Harlequin numbers increase.

So, if you spot a 2-spot, send us a picture!


Sarah West, OPAL
York University