• Riverfly Partnership resources

    The Riverfly Partnership supports projects that are designed to assess the health of Britain’s rivers. Volunteers are trained to become citizen scientists and join a team to monitor their local river. They detect and report serious pollution incidents and create long-term data sets. Find resources for children and…

  • Bioblitz Toolkit 2023 – Pollinator Week

    The NAPPC Pollinator Communications Task Force has created a new toolkit to help you participate and record observations during a Bioblitz on iNaturalist. Join the project Download the toolkit at: Bioblitz Toolkit 2023…

  • Teacher’s Pet Minibeasts Hub

    Visit this marvellous Minibeast hub dedicated to the fascinating world of all things creepy and crawly! Discover the wonders of insects, bugs, and other captivating invertebrates, as we delve into their intriguing habitats and life cycles. Whether you’re teaching in EYFS, KS1, or KS2, you’ll be able to…

  • Insect morphology infographics

    The BioLinks team at the Field Studies Council has created some informative and accessible infographics highlighting different insect group’s key features. Find all the infographics on the ‘Bee, beetle, or bug? An introduction to insect morphology‘ blogpost on the Field Studies Council website. This project was supported National…

  • British Dragonfly Society

    Activities, posters, creative ideas and identification guides for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 about dragonflies & damselflies. Find the resources on the British Dragonfly Society website.

  • NHM Fly Finder

    Join the NHM fly-spotting team this summer and improve our understanding of how some of these species, important as pollinators, are faring in the UK.

  • RES British Insects poster

    A poster covering all the groups or taxonomic orders of insects in the Britain.

  • The Great Minibeast Hunt

    A guide to minibeast hunting by Marian Hill for Buzz & Scuttle.

  • Three Mosquiteers leaflet

    Introduces the ecology of mosquitoes with a focus on invasive alien mosquitoes.

  • air bee n’ bee – solitary bee resources

    focussing on the plight of solitary bees in the UK…