Our collection of educational resources relating to insects and entomology from the Royal Entomological Society, Insect Week partners and other sources.

Have you created a fantastic insect-related learning resource that we can include here?  Contact Fran Sconce Senior Outreach & Learning Officer.

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  • Association of Animal Behaviour learning resources

    Free resources about animal behaviour…

  • BBSRC teaching resources

    Teaching resources from the BBSRC…

  • droso4schools

    Online resources for school lessons using the fruit fly Drosophila.

  • Garden Pollinators miniguide

    Here are some pollinating insects you may find in your garden…

  • Insect colouring sheets from Jennifer Delaney

    Colouring sheets by illustrator Jennifer Delaney…

  • Insect morphology infographics

    The BioLinks team at the Field Studies Council has created some informative and accessible infographics highlighting different insect group’s key features. Find all the infographics on the ‘Bee, beetle, or bug? An introduction to insect morphology‘ blogpost on the Field Studies Council website. This project was supported National…

  • Insects everywhere

    Find out how you can find insects just about anywhere.

  • Insects in green spaces

    This guide from the Royal Entomological Society gives you an overview of the different types of insects, with advice on how you might create a place for them to live in a green space near you. RES_A5 Insects_web artworkDownload…

  • INSTAR – Magazine for Young Entomologists

    Magazine for Young Entomologists from the Royal Entomological Society.

  • NHM Fly Finder

    Join the NHM fly-spotting team this summer and improve our understanding of how some of these species, important as pollinators, are faring in the UK.