Our collection of educational resources relating to insects and entomology from the Royal Entomological Society, Insect Week partners and other sources.

Have you created a fantastic insect-related learning resource that we can include here?  Contact Fran Sconce Senior Outreach & Learning Officer.

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  • #wasplove game

    Build a wasp nest, grow your colony and see if you make it through the year.

  • 3 Minute Bioblitz with The Bug Farm

    What insects can Sarah find in 3 minutes?…

  • air bee n’ bee – solitary bee resources

    focussing on the plight of solitary bees in the UK…

  • American Museum of Natural History Zoology activites

    Activities from the American Museum of Natural History.

  • Association of Animal Behaviour learning resources

    Free resources about animal behaviour…

  • BBSRC teaching resources

    Teaching resources from the BBSRC…

  • Bees in the curriculum

    Children are fascinated by Honey Bees. The British Beekeepers Association seeks to build on that fascination and encourage young people to learn more about the world of the Honey Bee.

  • Big Wasp Survey Fun With Wasps

    Colour in the faces of 3 common UK wasp species.

  • Brilliant Bugs with National Museums Scotland

    great activities to explore the incredible world of insects and other invertebrates.

  • British Science Association: what do bees do?

    Activity for a class to role-play the process of insect pollination.