Our collection of educational resources relating to insects and entomology from the Royal Entomological Society, Insect Week partners and other sources.

Have you created a fantastic insect-related learning resource that we can include here?  Contact Fran Sconce Senior Outreach & Learning Officer.

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  • #wasplove game

    Build a wasp nest, grow your colony and see if you make it through the year.

  • British Dragonfly Society

    Activities, posters, creative ideas and identification guides for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 about dragonflies & damselflies. Find the resources on the British Dragonfly Society website.

  • Butterflies Under Pressure

    Engaging practical science activities for KS1/KS2 primary school children (aged 5-11), using dance and PE activities to engage kinaesthetic learners with the curriculum topic “Living things and their habitats”…

  • Great stag beetle hunt

    The magnificent stag beetle needs your help. This endangered species has become extinct in many parts of the UK, but together we can protect those that remain, before it is too late.

  • iSpot

    A friendly and free community helping to identify wildlife and share nature.

  • Parental Behaviour in Burying Beetles

    This resource pack focuses on parental behaviour in burying beetles.

  • Teacher’s Pet Minibeasts Hub

    Visit this marvellous Minibeast hub dedicated to the fascinating world of all things creepy and crawly! Discover the wonders of insects, bugs, and other captivating invertebrates, as we delve into their intriguing habitats and life cycles. Whether you’re teaching in EYFS, KS1, or KS2, you’ll be able to…

  • The OM System Tips and Guide to Macro Photography

    “Insects in their natural habitat, spiderweb dew, petals on a flower — there’s a wonder-filled world in your backyard, your garden and the woods and fields near your home. Capture that world with macro photography.” Do you like taking pictures of insects? OM SYSTEM…