Our collection of educational resources relating to insects and entomology from the Royal Entomological Society, Insect Week partners and other sources.

Have you created a fantastic insect-related learning resource that we can include here?  Contact Fran Sconce Senior Outreach & Learning Officer.

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  • 3 Minute Bioblitz with The Bug Farm

    What insects can Sarah find in 3 minutes?…

  • Butterflies Under Pressure

    Engaging practical science activities for KS1/KS2 primary school children (aged 5-11), using dance and PE activities to engage kinaesthetic learners with the curriculum topic “Living things and their habitats”…

  • entoLIVE webinars

    The entoLIVE webinar series is a programme of virtual talks exploring the science of insects and other invertebrates. Suitable for adults of all abilities – a passion for invertebrates is all that’s required! You can watch the webinars and read the associated blogs on the Biological Recording…

  • Explorify from Wellcome

    Free online activities for primary teachers from the Wellcome Trust.

  • Insects, Entomology & Entomologists

    Insects and entomologists - what are they and why are they important?…

  • Let’s go live Insect Week 2021 special

    Watch a Let's go Live special for Insect Week 2021.

  • Mini Documentary – Large Red Damselfly

    A brilliant short documentary on the Large Red Damselfly by Jamie (Eagle Eyed Girl), age 7 at the time of recording. Fantastic learning resource for those who want to know more about damselflies.

  • NFU Education Science Farm

    A range of Science lesson plans and activities to teach Key Stage 1 children about food and farming.

  • Parental Behaviour in Burying Beetles

    This resource pack focuses on parental behaviour in burying beetles.

  • Teacher’s Pet Minibeasts Hub

    Visit this marvellous Minibeast hub dedicated to the fascinating world of all things creepy and crawly! Discover the wonders of insects, bugs, and other captivating invertebrates, as we delve into their intriguing habitats and life cycles. Whether you’re teaching in EYFS, KS1, or KS2, you’ll be able to…