This event will take place in a public park of a tropical metropolis and aims to call the attention of the public about the importance of cities to insects and the importance of insects as ecosystem services providers in urban areas.

Activities will include: 1) a thematic exposition of insect collections of butterflies, ants, beetles, bees and dragonflies; 2) a showing of equipment used to collect insects in the field; 3) a mini insect lab with magnifying glasses, microscopes and stereoscopes for insect view; 4) a guided trail for kids (7-12 years) to show insects and their habitats; and 5) an art exhibition of insects using photography, drawings and origami.

We aim to raise awareness to the importance of insects as providers of ecosystem services and the importance of cities as refuges for some species, evidencing the importance of green urban areas to insect diversity and conservation. All activities will be guided by undergraduate and graduate students of the Center of Ecological Synthesis and Conservation (CSEC) and Laboratory of Insect Ecology of UFMG, a public university in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. One of the research lines of CSEC is linked to the global project URBIOCH (Urbanization, Biodiversity and Climate Change), aiming to identify patterns of insect abundance, diversity and function in green urban areas at several scales (local, landscape, regional). Our activities will take place in one of the most visited green areas in Belo Horizonte, during the weekend of 24th and 25th of June, 2023. We will have support of the park staff to put together the exhibitions in the center square of the park, where most people transit and all tours will be guided.

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Which insects?
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UFMG, Fundação Zoobotânica, Municipal Park Mangabeiras

Insects in the cities: who are they and where to find?

Parque Municipal das Mangabeiras
Av. José do Patrocínio Pontes, 580
Belo Horizonte
Minas Gerais


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