• Incredible Insects

    Tuesday 9th May 2023

    How the Incredible Insects badge was created.

  • Exploring the insect world

    Wednesday 14th December 2022

    There are so many ways to have an encounter with insects in the UK. People, young and old, can get out and marvel at the…

  • Eyes are your best piece of equipment!

    Wednesday 14th December 2022

    A great thing about getting stuck into insects is that you don’t really need any kit, at least, not to get started. Insect hunting isn’t…

  • Podcast – Author M.G. Leonard

    Wednesday 14th December 2022

    Author M. G. Leonard tells us about her inspiration for making insects the heroes in her hit children’s book ‘Beetle Boy’. Listen…

  • The Year of the Fly

    Monday 4th March 2019

    In 2019 a series of events is taking place worldwide to celebrate the true flies (Diptera). Stalk-eyed fly, family Diopsidae. © Weixang Lee Flies are one…

  • The Great Bug Hunt 2016

    Friday 1st July 2016

    Winning schools announced WOW! So many facts and figures, presented in a fascinating way. Insects forever! (David Bellamy OBE) The winners of this year’s Great…

  • Bug of the Day – Sunday

    Thursday 30th June 2016

  • Mosquitoes and the Panama Canal

    Thursday 30th June 2016

    Celebrating its centenary in 2014, the Panama Canal is regarded as a wonder of the modern world. Billions of pounds of shipping commerce pass…

  • Bug of the Day – Saturday

    Thursday 30th June 2016

  • Podcast with Richard ‘Bugman’ Jones

    Sunday 26th June 2016

    Author Richard ‘Bugman’ Jones tells us how his dinner-party behaviour inspired his new book ‘House Guests, House Pests’. Follow Richard on Twiiter @bugmanjones or read…